India. The view from above.

What does our country look like from the air? Most often, the only view one gets is from the window seat of passenger planes, which are therefore very limited.... by the time the plane is low enough for features to be distinguishable, one is on a prescribed flight corridor. Ocean to Sky: India from the Air by Dipti and Kunal Verma from Roli Books, New Delhi, is a new book that offers new aerial perspectives. 

Over eight years in the making, the book is a "dramatic photo exploration of the Indian subcontinent from the air. The breathtaking visuals – many of them taken from over 30,000 feet from the cockpit of MiG fighter planes, and others from AN-32 aircraft and choppers – are a poetic mosaic of the stunning variety of India’s landscape, from ocean to sky. A visual feast unlike any attempted before, the book extends from the southern tip of the Andaman Islands to the northernmost point on the Siachen Glacier. It brings alive the relentless beauty of nature’s handiwork together with human embellishments over the ages." The authors, both flyers and aerial photographers, are to be warmly commended for affording us all such a unique view of our country.

In our General section. Rs. 1295. ISBN: 81-7436-380-7