Felis indicus

Pugmark Qmulus Consortium. An extraordinary name for a publisher, but like anything unusual, they have an interesting history. A passion for wildlife and conservation, combined with interest in photography and advertising led to this venture based in Ahmedabad, and their lovely new book on the Indian lion, The Gir Lion: Panthera Leo-persica. Written by a man who knows about this from the inside- H S Singh is the Chief Conservator of Forests in Gujarat- the book is at once about the natural history of the Gir forest, conservation status, and about how we should plan for the lion and its habitat in the coming years. Although the Gir forest is one of the best managed "protected areas" in the world, the Indian lion is in critical need of conservation as its habitat is continually eroded. "The book provides an opportunity to learn the circumstances which compel the lion to migrate in satellite areas in search of an alternative home. "

This book is informative - being based on about two decades of fieldwork on the big cats in the Gir forest- yet personal, and charmingly written, with a wealth of photographic documentation.

Just 330 pages, Rs 2000. ISBN 81-904840-0-8.