More Music to our Ears

The Indian Musicological Society, based in Vadodara, Gujarat, and founded in 1970 by Ramanlal Mehta, publishes a Journal in addition to a number of academic (and semi-academic) books. Vanishing Traditions in Music, edited by Shakuntala Narasimhan, for instance, or Ashok Ranade's Reflections on Musicology and History. Or The Musical Heritage of Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar, edited by T. S. Parthasarathy.

These books are probably already well-known within specialist circles, but like much of our academic work, is of much broader appeal and should be known more widely. We are happy to list these titles and make these available via Scholars. The main focus of the IMS is the promotion of research in the field of musical styles and forms, the musical Gharanas, comparative and historical studies, psychology, acoustics, aesthetics in music, and music criticism. The Journal published by the Society has contributions from leading musicologists. In our Ethnomusicology section.

A new publisher, a new book. Mrdangam, by T V Gopalakrishnan, and published by his Vision Musica, in Chennai. "The book covers everything about mridangam from the period of Bharatha’s Natya Sastra to the present day. This is a very large book for which the primary conclusion should be stated at the outset. It is the most penetrating examination ever done of all aspects of mridangam and of the Tala system. It contains valuable information not found in other mridangam studies. These could have been gathered during his long years of concert experience, and from his interactions with great performers and scholars."

The book comes with a CD. Also in the Ethnomusicology section. Come explore!