Indian Textbooks Rule!

A friend from the US wrote in to tell us about an article in yesterday's New York Times. Indian schools and Indian teaching methods are coming up in Japan...

As of now, its just the Little Angels English Academy and International Kindergarten in Mitaka, Tokyo, where the largely Japanese classes of toddlers count to 20, the 3-year-olds are introduced to computers, and the 5-year-olds "learn to multiply, solve math word problems and write one-page essays in English, tasks most Japanese schools do not teach until at least second grade."
Well, it may only be a few years before DPS (Tokyo) opens its doors! But the Japanese are apparently responding to what we have known for a while- Indian education emphasizes "learning more at an earlier age .... memorization and cramming, and a focus on the basics, particularly in math and science. "

Given the size of our country, education for all is a desirable but daunting task. And the NCERT, the National Council of Education Research and Training (set up during the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, along with with National Book Trust, the NBT) has the unenviable job of providing instruction via the large number of textbooks that they write and produce. Amazingly enough, many of these books are available in softcopy for free download- just drop by their site.... and the books themselves are often excellent, written by leading academicians and educators.

At SwB we've hesitated putting these on the site- our For Children section does not have any textbooks as such.  But this is not because the thought did not cross our minds. There are any number of alternate means throughwhich the books reach all parts of India, there seemed to be little point in duplicating the effort. And availablity of the books is not always guaranteed- rumour has it that the senior school texts are bought even by aspirants for the Civil Services examinations!-

Anyhow, should you want any NCERT titles (and if you know which are the ones you want) do write in and we will try to do our best. After all, we know how good they are...


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