Coy, but Accurate

Divided we Stand is a recent offering from Sage. Subtitled India in a Time of Coalitions, this new book by journalists Paranjoy Guha Thakurta, and Shankar Raghuraman "explains why India has entered a new era of coalition politics and analyses the consequences and implications of this relatively recent phenomenon. Transition from single party domination to multi-party configurations or coalitions, the authors argue, is neither temporary nor an aberration. Dismissing the notion of bi-polarity, and resting the debate on whether coalition governments are here to stay, the authors debate on whether coalitions are at best a necessary evil or are better than single-party governments. "

At least thats what the publisher's blurb says. The title is, admittedly, coy. But felicity of phrase is one of the affectations of journalists (and bloggers, perhaps?). The authors, Guha Thakurta in particular, are often to be found on national television, analysing events as they unfold, and they are thus in an ideal position to offer some analysis of the interesting times as we live through them...

In our Politics Section. Hardcover, 525 pages. ISBN: 9780761936633 , Rs 650.