By all accounts, a very unusual man, Babasaheb Ambedkar is the subject of a new photo-biography. Brought out this past year by Lokvangmaya Griha, publishers based in Mumbai, this volume brings together photographs, documents, front pages of newspapers and covers of books- a wealth of visual material that helps to give a complete picture of the man.

The book has contributions from Prakash Vishwasrao (artist, Graphic designer and an expert in the fields of printing, designing and typography), Vijay Surwade (an archivist for Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, his life and his movement who has written several books on Dr. Ambedkar's correspondence, speeches, reminiscences of veterans of the Ambedkarian movement, and has edited many books of Dr. Ambedkar's selected literature), Vasant Abaji Dahake (poet, critic and scholar of the history of literature, one of the editors of 'Sankshipta Marathi Vangmay Kosh' and 'Vangmayeen Sandnya-Sankalpana Kosh'), Nitin Rindhe (a poet and critic), Jayprakash Sawant (one of the editors of Lokvangmay Griha), Ramesh Tukaram Shinde (editor of many special issues on the Ambedkarian Movement), Gayatri Pagdi (a freelance editor-translator and a journalist), Shubha Chitre-Piplapure (a research assistant to film producer and director Govind Nihalani and a freelance translator) and Vijay Mohite (a follower of Dr. Ambedkar's ideology and professional artist).

The net result of this collective effort- this labour of love- is marvellous! The book has been widely praised for the new material on Ambedkar that has become available to scholars, and the photographs, many of which have not been accessible before, are of excellent quality and very unusual.

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