Made in India

Almost all the books we list on our website are made in India one way or the other, of course, but this one is something special, in quite another way....  This one is a bit expensive at Rs 3950. But its worth it at over 500 pages. ISBN: 9788188204571. 

Mapin, the eclectic publishers based in Ahmedabad, who bring out books on all topics that lie at the intersection of Indian culture and art have a new, sumptuous title out- Handmade in India. Edited by Aditi Ranjan and M P Ranjan, the book is "a compendium of Indian crafts. It probes into all aspects of handicrafts—historical, social and cultural influences on crafts, design and craft processes, traditional and new markets, products and tools—unravelling a wealth of knowledge. Handmade in India is based on extensive field work and research, and maps out the regional craft clusters identified across the country on the basis of prevailing craft-work patterns. Some of these are renowned, like the pinjrakari and khatumband wood work of Kashmir, blue pottery of Jaipur, chikankari embroidery of Lucknow, the kannadi or metal mirrors from Aranmula, chappals or footwear from Kolhapur, and the bamboo craft of Assam. Other, lesser known, crafts like the paabu or stitched boots from Ladakh, jadupatua paintings from Jharkhand, the making of Kathakali and Theyyam headgear, khadi or tinsel printing in Ahmedabad have also been described in striking detail. The first-of-its-kind ever attempted, this publication with stunning photographs will be a tremendous resource for product and textile designers, artists, architects, interior designers, collectors, development professionals and connoisseurs alike. The aim of this series is to bring to fore the creative potential of India’s craftspersons and the entire range of Indian handicrafts."


Alan Roberta said…
Great stuff............I am a handicraft manufacturer supplier and looking for partners globally. If any one interest please contact me through this website.