Judge this book by its cover

Its a first for us, so please do judge this book by its cover... as well as its contents.

Lived Heritage, Shared Space on the courtyard house of Goa, published by Yoda Press, New Delhi, is by Angelo Silveira.

First the contents: This is a scholarly book on the traditional architecture of Goa- written by a conservation architect of Goan origin who now lives in Lisbon. Translated from the original Portuguese by Maria Ribeiro, this unique book is also a wonderful guide to the architecture of Goa today, complementing the numerous books on the colonial and religious architecture in that part of India- see our listings of titles from Architects Autonomous,, for instance.

And the rest: The entire design- cover, pages, and layout - is a first for Design SwB! We are excited about this part of our activities, and very pleased that our first completed product has hit the market. The book is a delight to read, and to have and to hold.

Enjoy! Rs 495, ISBN:978-81-903634-7-1. In our Art and Architecture section.