Indian Birds, the ultimate guide

Our Natural History section lists a large number of books on birds of the subcontinent, including Salim Ali's definitive The Book of Indian Birds from Oxford University Press. There are also a number of other titles by him, for example the Pictorial Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent, written with S Dillon Ripley, who also coauthored the magnificent 10 volume HANDBOOK OF THE BIRDS OF INDIA AND PAKISTAN. Not all of these titles are still available, though but those that are are worth getting. And keeping.

Some of these titles have been co-published with The Bombay Natural History Society, Ali's "spritual home" for much of his birding career. Recently, Tara Gandhi, a former student of Salim Ali's has edited a comprehensive two-volume set of his essays, newspaper articles, speeches, etc., for Permanent Black entitled A Bird's eye view. "Whether it is the colours of a bird's feathers or the ecology of the Himalaya mountains or an insightful conservation message, Salim Ali’s evocative writing style makes reading this volume enormously pleasurable."

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