Daanish Anyone?

Daanish Books, New Delhi, are a committed lot. Alternate, and determinedly so, they are not afraid to speak their minds, and to be held for it if need be. Which is more than can be said of most...

Their list is not long, but it is eclectic, and it is decidedly progressive. Their aims are to take forward the initiative of a group of activists in independent and alternative publishing, to represent the most incisive writing on the increasingly complex and challenging contemporary situations, and along with academic books, to also develop series of books and pamphlets in local languages, to act as a bridge between the worlds of theory and practice and between academics and activism and to initiate and strengthen the process of dialogue both across cultural and social divides and between diverse political/ideological streams—socialist, liberal, Gandhian, nationalist, and the radical left.

Well, one has to start somewhere. And we start by listing some of their titles, and their paperbacks, as well as the Journal of Health and Development.

Write in for any books you
might like to have from Daanish. Their forthcoming book on Nandigram, for instance. Or the Alternate Economic Survey's annual report for 2006-7. Infelicitously titled, but gripping reading, from quite a different point of view. India Shining?? Click here.