And the future is now.

David Devdas, journalist, filmmaker, scholar, has a new book, In Search of a Future: The story of Kashmir. Published by Penguin, this book is written from the inside- David spends a large part of his time in the valley, and is helping set up the Islamic University of Science and Technology in Awantipora. Which is what is probably needed for Kashmir's future- a solid base on which to forge economic development. At the book release in Delhi a few days ago, the panel discussion focussed on the questions of Kashmir militancy, displacement, geopolitics... all the complexities that make the Kashmir question so difficult to approach.

The book is not designed to please the several groups concerned- the governments of India and Pakistan, the militants or the Army. Hopefully, though, it will also not please many more groups, but in the process will begin to give all of them some insight into why after sixty years of independence, the future still seems so uncertain.

In our Strategic Affairs section. Rs 495. ISBN: 0670081507