Total Attention

Three Essays Collective is a publishing house that marches to the beat of an alternative drum. Their format is simple, and based on the premise that most of us have shrinking attention spans to any issue, however complex, and also that any issue, however complex, can be explained simply... It should take no more than a few- say 3(?)- essays to get a point of view across.

Their new title is Total Capitalism, about the way capitalism has been transformed into a largely uncontrolled system that increasingly invades the whole of life. Like total war, a war fought without limitations, total capitalism invades and dominates every sphere of life, taking no hostages... the state increasingly becomes a servant of Capital.

You can see where this is going.... This theme is pursued first in relation to the countries of the South, in an essay on development theory, and then in two essays which use Britain as a case study in order to describe a process that has now become literally world-wide. An introduction brings out the links between the three essays which are about the arrival and implications of total capitalism, its politics, economics and ethics, and span a decade of work by Colin Leys .

Colin taught politics at the universities of Oxford, Makerere (Uganda), Sussex, Nairobi, Sheffield, and Queen's University, Canada, where he is now an emeritus professor of political studies.

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