Is there Resonance in Mokokchung?

The Indian Academy of Science based in Bangalore brings out, each month, the wonderful science education magazine, Resonance. Currently under the editorship of S Mahadevan at the Indian Institute of Science, Resonance started off 11 years ago, the first editor being N Mukunda, also Professor at the IISc, and one who is well known for his expository style, and the clarity and elegance of his writing.

Over the years, Resonance has developed into a mature journal where the latest developments in science and technology are explained in appropriately simple language, and made accessible to the interested reader from the high-school level upwards. All branches of science are represented- from anthropology to zoology!- and there is something for everyone, from expert to beginner.

One of the most important features of this effort is that it takes itself seriously. Priced at Rs 350 for a personal subscription for two years, namely 24 issues of 100 pages each (yes, you read that right!), Resonance is accessible, instructive, and interesting as well. And a great place to get your first exposure to string theory, or stem cells, or supramolecular chemistry, or the Poincare conjecture...

Since 2005 it has been possible to subscribe online to Resonance through our website. Not just Resonance, all the journals published by the Indian Academy of Sciences: Pramana, Current Science, Sadhana, Journal of Biosciences, etc. And a host of journals from other academic bodies as well, but that will be the subject of another blog.

And Mokokchung? As many of you will recognise, thats one of the larger towns in Nagaland. The latest order for Resonance that we have received came from there and it got us thinking that this gem of a journal deserves to be known even wider... It would be wonderful if a copy could find its way into every high school library in our country. One way to make this happen- in a proactive manner- would be to gift subscriptions through us. We have just made this possible on the Resonance page at the Scholars site. Come on ... give!


G said…
Very pleasing to know of the latest order from Mokokchung for Resonance.
Just curious to know how they came to know of this journal. Either our rural/remote areas are slowly changing and competing for space with others or agressive journal marketing somebody is doing.