Many of you will be familiar with the books that INTACH has been bringing out over the past few years. Some, like Pradip Krishen's Trees of Delhi, co-published with Delhi Tourism board, and their books on Kolkata, Chennai, and on Delhi (co-published with Roli) are a visual treat, not to mention that they are an invaluable source of information. And convenient to carry around and refer to (which I do, ever since I discovered that the spectacular tree in bloom I saw outside the IIT Kanpur main block was a Moulmien rosewood or Milletia peguensis, and not kachnar). This afternoon, INTACH opens a small shop on the ground floor of their building in New Delhi, next to the Lodhi Garden. Apart from their books- not many, but a good selection- they also have crafts from all over the country. A good complement to the Crafts Museum and Kamala, but only if you live in Delhi...

Seeing how good these are, we've tried to ensure that all INTACH books can be ordered online via Scholars. Apart from the city books, of special note is Hands on Heritage, a great way to bring conservation and appreciation of our cultural heritage into the classroom. Most cities in India go back so many centuries, there is always something that is worth preserving that is not being looked after... And the only way to ensure that these do not disappear for ever is to show our children how to conserve these buildings and this environment. In our For Children section, but we also have a separate INTACH section in our Institutional Lists. Come, explore.... these books are good companions when you are on a cultural prowl!