Context and Text

Leftword's Signpost series of publications on Issues that matter, brings out a timely selection of essays by Prakash Karat on the theme of U.S.-India strategic relationship, written over the last seven years. Entitled Subordinate Ally, this slim volume has been reviewed very favourably, most recently by Vekatesh Athreya in the Hindu who goes so far as to say "The level of media and public discourse on the nuclear deal and on foreign policy will be greatly enhanced if some of the print media contributors and the television anchors take the trouble to read and understand Karat’s book, instead of dismissing the Left as “irrationally anti-American”. But that may be too much to hope for."

Maybe too much to hope for, but given the precarious nature of coalition politics, its better to be informed. In our Strategic Affairs section.

Leftword, 120 pages, Rs 95. ISBN:978-81-87496-73-1