Children's Book Trust. A Half Century later....

Keshav Shankar Pillai is, of course, more famous as just Shankar of Shankar's Weekly. The cartoons that he drew for the magazine offered a rich commentary on the political scene in newly independent India, and the satire and wit continued for over 25 years, from 1948 to 1975.

In 1957, Shankar founded the Children's Book Trust, and in the fifty years since, the CBT has brought out a large number of wonderful books for children of all ages, and in many of the languages of our country. These are described on the CBT website, but like most Indian books, deserve to be known more widely. And they need to be made more easily available.

The CBT books, like the NBT titles, are a great bargain. But that, of course, is not enough to see that they are more widely used. Low budgets has meant that they are, regrettably, of uneven quality, but the same can be said of many other publishing houses. Some of the titles, especially those for very early readers are an absolute joy, though-

Given the nature of the books, most of these do not find their way onto the Scholars website. But we are open to suggestions from you- tell us if you feel that they should be included in the For Children category in our Books lists... We'll be happy to put some in.

Some Indian Birds by N. N. Majumdar with illustrations by S. Basu Roy Choudhury and Pranab Chakravarti being a case in point. Its meant for the younger reader, and at Rs 32 for 56 pages, its the ideal beginning book to get. And its available, in English (ISBN 81-7011-067-X), Hindi, Kannada and Punjabi. Need one say more?

Write in to us- we'll be happy to send any of the CBT books to you....


DC said…
Hi- Is there a list of places in India where the books from CBT are available?
If you could publish them it would be great!