This you need to know

Gangchil, Kolkata, is a small publishing house that mostly brings out books in Bangla. This year, at the Kolkata Book Fair (yes, the strange one that was held around the Salt Lake Stadium...) they brought out their first book in English, The Rights and Wrongs of It. The Right to Information.

Edited by Bhabesh Das and Rajiv K Bhattacharyya, journalists, the book is a collection of essays by, among others, the redoubtable Ashok Mitra, Mahasveta Devi, Aruna Roy, Arvind Kejriwal, and many others. The book also has the actual wording of the RTI Act 2005, the Freedom of Information Act 2002 and a set of other speeches.

Hardback, 552pages, ISBN: 81-89834-09-6. In our Media Studies section.

Many of you will not know, but Gangchil is Bangla for Seagull. Eclecticism seems to be a common feature of the region....