SwB sind Berliners!

Greetings from Berlin! The SwB mascot can be seen atop one of the buildings near Gendarmenmarkt, one of the loveliest squares in Berlin. We were pleased to see the Pegasus way up there, but could not get better views than this...

One of the most effective and touching monuments in Berlin is- and this strikes such a chord- at the Opera House, where in 1933, a chanting crowd burnt 22000 books by Jews, communists, and other intellectuals. The monument is simple. Looking through a glass pavement, one can see an empty set of shelves which would have housed the 22000 books... White painted woĆ³den shelves from which the books were ripped out... Shelves that cannot be filled again- there is no way of getting in there- but the ideas that were there are symbolically freed... forever.

No wonder our Pegasus alighted here-