Not a Nice Man to Know

But mercifully, Khushwant Singh writes rather well. However, the book "Not a nice man to know" , while it collects what Penguin would term "the best of over three decades of the author’s prose" is really fluff compared to his classic "Train to Pakistan". Brought out again last year by Roli, with Margaret Bourke-White's riveting photographs that so completely capture the moral devastation of the time, this book on the Partition was one of the first to say what it did with so much honesty. The book is compelling reading.
Paperback, Rs 495, ISBN 81 7436 4447

Another writer who did not care much for niceness, Sa'adat Hasan Manto. Katha has an excellent collection of his short stories in translation, Black Margins. Not one to spare his readers, Manto is candid in this collection: his open letter to Nehru is included here as it offers a glimpse into his mind after partition. This collection, with its variegated themes, can be considered truly representative of Manto’s art.

Rs 295, Paperback. ISBN 8187649408.