Books that change

K N Panikkar, erstwhile professor of History at JNU, is among the foremost historians of modern India. Currently engaged in writing the intellectual history of colonial India, he has authored a number of very important books. Two of which we highlight here.

Before the Night falls is a set of essays that urge turning preaching into practice. As Romila Thapar notes, "... a more creative secular response to the contemporary condition – needs to be put into practice. ....there has to be an ethically determined society from the one that is being sought to be imposed on us today. The essays in this collection reflect these concerns and will doubtless contribute to the creation of such a social ethos." From Books for Change, Rs 150.

In An Agenda for Cultural Action and Other Essays, he draws attention, among other things, to a matter that concerns us deeply: the destruction of the educational system through privatization and rabid communalization. From Three Essays Collective, Rs 200.

Among the other books for which he is well known are 'Against Lord and State: Religion and Peasant Uprisings in Malabar'; 'Culture and Consciousness in Modern India'; 'Culture, Ideology and Hegemony – Intellectuals and Social Consciousness in Colonial India'. Write in to check on availability....