Tishani Doshi. Poet.

Tishani Doshi is a poet based in Chennai. Her first book of poems is the sensuously titled Countries of the Body, and one of these, 'The Day we went to the Sea' was judged the winner in the 2005 British Council supported All India Poetry Competition.

In a review published in The Hindu, Anjum Hasan has this to say: Tishani's poems are thoughtfully crafted, economical, graceful in the way they echo the rhythm of a long breath being exhaled, or something describing a wide arc before it lands. She is sensitive to nuance, takes great pleasure in the physicality of things, evokes and then relies on moods to carry poems along. The confident exactness with which she can deliver lines makes the reader want to believe her at once: "I am miles from home, in Mombassa,/ Putting diamonds in my ears/ Like a woman with three names/ Instead of one" or "Rilke is following me everywhere/ With his tailor-made suits/And vegetarian smile" or "I forgot how Madras loves noise — /Loves neighbours and pregnant women/ And Gods and babies".

Countries of the Body won the Forward Poetry Prize for best first collection, and is published by Aark Arts in 2006. Its well worth reading, and having. Write to us.