Pearson Anniversary

Pearson Longman celebrate ten years in India and on a domestic and homely note. Launching Interpreting Homes, a selection of essays edited by Malashri Lal and Sukrita Paul Kumar, which brings together explorations in gender, identity and place through a new engagement with literature. The book marries these new themes and concerns with an investigation into narrativization. One to bring home!

The publisher's blurb: The search for the location in which the self is 'at home' has been one of the primary projects of modern literature all over the world. The book attempts to map the narratives of 'home' in South Asian literature from the advance of modernity on the subcontinent till the present day. It aims to read more than the domestic into representations of the home, to explore not only the geographical, but also the psychological and material connotations of 'home'. Its goal is to disassemble the concept of 'home' in all its incarnations - as confinement, as stability, as security, as myth and as desire.

The book problematises 'home' and its experience in different contexts. It investigates if and how home changes its significations when articulated from different locations, in different languages and by different subjects, paying particular attention to ideological determinants like gender and class. The editors of the anthology have encouraged contributors to also address diaspora writing and to achieve the widest possible comparative perspective. Though the focus has been kept on literature, some papers deal with cultural narratives of home in oral and folk mediums.

The collection comprises of an Introduction and 18 original essays divided into six thematic sections.

Hardback, 268 pages, Rs 550. ISBN: 8131706370