Oeuvres complètes de....

Essentially all significant academic journals are now available online... and digital archiving in repositories such as JSTOR has made it easy to get original papers dating as far back as 1665 (The Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London) at the click of a mouse button (and an institutional subscription of course, but thats just a question of grants....)

Collecting the works of influential scholars has been a preoccupation of publishers for quite some time- though most scholars rarely match up to Leonard Euler (the prodigious mathematician pictured on the right, who's life's works fill over 60 volumes, and who has kept generations of publishers happily busy!). It would seem easy to put together such collections today at least in digital form, but given the fact that access is limited (for one reason or another) print volumes of the collected works of important scholars will always remain useful to the academic community.

Three such titles in the Scholars list are the Collected works of Pancharatnam, Sudarshan, and Narasimhan.

S Pancharatnam, C V Raman's nephew and among his most gifted students, did extremely important work in the area of optics, anticipating by over 20 years, the geometric phase discovered by Sir Michael Berry in the 1980's. Pancharatnam died young, much before his prime.... but not before the importance of his work was appreciated. Subsequently, Berry himself did much to publicise the work of Pancharatnam, and the Raman Research Institute in Bangalore brought out a collection of his papers along with the Oxford University Press. The collection was edited by G W Series, a colleague of Pancharatnam's at Oxford. The book is available on request (yes, you read that right!). Look on our site for details.

George Sudarshan is among the most prolific and inventive physicsts from India... and one who has not been fully appreciated for his contributions, at least not by the Nobel Academy which, arguably, passed him over twice for the Prize. The Center for Philosophy and Foundations of Science in New Delhi have recently brought out a collection of Sudarshan's papers during the period 1957-75 and these include the very important contributions to the V-A theory and to Quantum Optics. This is a volume that no reasonable library can afford to be without.

M S Narasimhan, an algebraic geometer of " profound originality " has been one of the most influential of our mathematicians in the past few decades, first as one of the architects of the TIFR School of Mathematics, and subsequently as the head of the Mathematics program at the International Center for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy from where he has recently retired. The TIFR, along with the Hindustan Book Agency in Delhi has brought out his collected papers. The two volume set has been edited by Nitin Nitsure.

We also intend to continue bringing more such titles to you via our site. Not just of scientists, but also of scholars in the social sciences, literature, history, and the arts. Look in the Collected Works section at SwB.