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Saheli Documents 25 Years of Autonomous Politics

The influential and proactive women's group Saheli which is based in Delhi has completed 25 years, and as a birthday celebration, they brought out a small publication charting their history and their work in the context of autonomous womens' movements in India.

Twenty five years of continuity and change. Of hope, action, protest, song, togetherness, laughter, tears, dance, strength and feminist struggle. Through the work of Saheli since 1981, the book provides an insightful perspective on some of the major campaigns of the autonomous women’s movement: the campaign against violence; resisting coercive population control and hazardous contraceptives; combating communalism. The flavour of the politics of organising in a non-funded collective, with all its ups and downs is encapsulated through quotations, interviews, conversations and incisive analysis. Through notations from the organisational ‘daily diary’, minutes books, correspondence, priceless photographs, posters and pamphlets in an attractive easy-to-read layout, the book will be of immense interest to activists, students of women’s studies and anyone interested in the history of the women’s movement in India.

Rs 130 plus postage (Rs 20 in India, Rs 50 elsewhere). 116 pages. Best to write to them-