The Flying Archaeologist.

David Kennedy, Professor of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Western Australia in Perth is one colleague (and an early champion of Scholars without Borders!) who combines his academic passion- Roman archaeology and the Roman army- with the joy of flying. David is an aerial archaeologist who works in the Jordan. On ground he works in Jerash, but off the ground, he scouts the Jordanian countryside in planes (sometimes provided by the Royal Jordanaian Air Force) photographing, and discovering from the air what is difficult and often downright impossible to see from low down.

He has written about his work in a number of books, two of which we have on the site. Ancient Jordan from the Air which he has authored with Robert Bewley offers the results of aerial surveys over Jordan through more than 200 colour photographs. Ten chapters group the stunning images period by period, and take the reader through the archaeological heritage of Jordan. This book will appeal to anyone interested in the cultural heritage of the Middle East. It may serve as a useful guide to sites for the traveller in Jordan, a striking memento of a visit, and a useful adjunct to the shelf of any scholar. And anyone who has seen Petra from the ground up will be amazed and how it all looks from up there!

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