The Newsletter for August 2007

July has been a good month. Many of you have responded to the more unusual of our offerings- the documentaries of Kavita Joshi and Gargi Sen, for instance. This month the list of docus has increased greatly- check out the category on our site.

Indrani Mazumdar's new book "Women and globalization" (Stree, Kolkata) investigates the impact of globalization on women workers in India in jobs that are considered to be most prominent in discourses around women's work. Women Unlimited have a new translation of Ismat Chugtai's Ajeeb Aadmi, entitled "A Very Strange Man ". Yoda Press- who specialise in the quirky and catholic - have "Imperial Conversations: Indo-Britons and the Architecture of South India" by Shanti Jayewardene-Pillai" out shortly as well. Check out the blog for the descriptions.

This month we add the Human Rights Law Network publications to our lists. HRLN publishes 'Know Your Rights' material including activists' handbooks, reports, films and posters, aiming to make accessible important developments in human rights and law in India to a wide audience.

We have a phone exclusively for you! Please call us at 09971763322 (prefix 91 if calling from outside India.) We love to talk, so please do phone in with your queries. Or leave a message when we aren't there (though its no fun to call back to Zimbabwe, Bruce...).

Cheers and good wishes,

The SwB Team